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This page lists various tips, tricks and user contributions. Feel free to add to it!

Docker wrapper script

@jrupp says:

I wrote a script to add ShellCheck to any system running Docker, without actually installing anything. I put this into /usr/local/bin/shellcheck:

#!/bin/bash -
for last; do true; done
docker run --rm -iv "$( cd "$( dirname -- "${last}" )" && pwd )":/mnt koalaman/shellcheck "${@:1:$(($#-1))}" "$(basename -- "${last}")"

This works on Docker for Mac as well as a Linux system running Docker. I have tested it when calling shellcheck in any of these forms:

No modification of my editor settings was needed for this to integrate (I checked Vim through syntastic and VSCode).

Windows Git-bash Docker wrapper script

@pletnes says:

I'd like to have a documented how-to for beginners on Windows. Personally, I use Docker in git-bash. I don't know if this is a "common setup". I came up with this first attempt, which could go into the wiki:

exec docker run --rm -v "$(cygpath -aw .):/mnt" koalaman/shellcheck:stable "$@"

Emacs auto-fix script

By @matthewpersico

This function and keymap add the ability to auto-insert the appropriate shellcheck disable= directive in your script. With thanks to

;; The following is thanks to
(defun shellcheck-disable-error-at-point (&optional pos)
  "Insert a shellcheck disable directive at the current error in the code."
  (-when-let* ((error (tabulated-list-get-id pos))
               (buffer (flycheck-error-buffer error))
               (id (flycheck-error-id error))
               ;;(message (flycheck-error-message error))
    (when (buffer-live-p buffer)
      (if (eq (window-buffer) (get-buffer flycheck-error-list-buffer))
          ;; When called from within the error list, keep the error list,
          ;; otherwise replace the current buffer.
          (pop-to-buffer buffer 'other-window)
        (switch-to-buffer buffer))
      (let ((pos (flycheck-error-pos error)))
        (unless (eq (goto-char pos) (point))
          ;; If widening gets in the way of moving to the right place, remove it
          ;; and try again
          (goto-char pos))

        ;; Move to start of line with error position.

        ;; The only error I know of where the disable directive is AFTER the
        ;; error position, not before.
        (when (string-equal id "SC2148")
        ;; Insert the disable line
        (insert (format "# shellcheck disable=%s\n" id))
        ;; Indent it

      ;; Re-highlight the errors
      (flycheck-error-list-highlight-errors 'preserve-pos))))

(define-key flycheck-error-list-mode-map (kbd "d") #'shellcheck-disable-error-at-point)

JetBrains Webstorm Integration

Scroll to the bottom of Issue #360 for both a plugin and a native external command solution.

ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell scripts. This page is part of its documentation.