Phabricator – ShellCheck Wiki

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The default path for libraries extending Phabricator and Arcanist is at the same level as Phabricator or Arcanist folders:

$ cd /path/to/arcanist
$ cd ..
$ git clone

Configuration to load the linter

When you need to use this plugin in a project, in your .arcconfig file, add a load block, for example:

    "phabricator.uri": "",
    "repository.callsign": "OPS",
    "load": [

The load array is a collection of strings, and each string match a folder name to load.

Configuration for .arclint

Provide a block with the "shellcheck" linter type and the patterns you wish to lint.

For example to lint all .sh files:

    "linters": {
        "shell": {
            "type": "shellcheck",
            "include": [

ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell scripts. This page is part of its documentation.