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This shebang was unrecognized. ShellCheck only supports sh/bash/dash/ksh. Add a 'shell' directive to specify.

Problematic code:

echo "Hello World"

Correct code:

# shellcheck shell=bash
echo "Hello World"


You have specified a shebang that ShellCheck doesn't recognize. This can be due to invoking the script via a wrapper, specifying a dummy like #!/bin/false to prevent execution, or trying to check a script for a non-Bourne shell or tool.

If this really is a sh/bash/dash/ksh script, please add a shell directive after the shebang to tell ShellCheck how to interpret the script, as in the example. You can also specify the shell with the -s flag.

If this is a script in some other language, like #!/bin/sed for a sed script, then sorry -- ShellCheck does not support sed, awk, expect scripts. It only supports Bourne style shell scripts.



ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell scripts. This page is part of its documentation.