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This is a unicode double quote. Delete and retype it.

Problematic code:

echo “hello world”

Correct code:

echo "hello world"


Blog software and word processors frequently replaces ASCII quotes "" with fancy Unicode quotes, “”. To Bash, Unicode quotes are considered regular literals and not quotes at all.

Simply delete them and retype them in your editor.


This error was retired after 0.4.5. In this version and earlier, ShellCheck parsed slanted quotes as a valid double quote. This meant that the warning could not simply be ignored. It has since been replaced by SC1110 (outside quotes) and SC1111 (inside double-quotes).


If you really want literal Unicode double quotes, you can put them in single-quotes (or Unicode single-quotes in double-quotes) to make ShellCheck ignore them, e.g.,

printf 'Warning: “wakeonlan” is not installed.\n'

ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell scripts. This page is part of its documentation.