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This is a Unicode single quote. Delete and retype it.

Problematic code:

echo ‘hello world’

Correct code:

echo 'hello world'


Some software, like macOS, Microsoft Word, and WordPress, may automatically replace your regular quotes with slanted Unicode quotes. Try deleting and retyping them, and/or disable “smart quotes” in your editor or OS.


This error was retired after 0.4.5. In this version and earlier, ShellCheck parsed slanted quotes as a valid double-quote. This meant that the warning could not simply be ignored. It has since been replaced by SC1110 (outside quotes) and SC1112 (inside single-quotes).


If you want to use typographic single-quotes, you can put them in double-quotes (or typographic double-quotes in single-quotes) to make ShellCheck ignore them, e.g.,

printf "Warning: ‘wakeonlan’ is not installed.\n"

ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell scripts. This page is part of its documentation.