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( is invalid here. Did you forget to escape it?

Problematic code:

echo (foo) bar

Correct code:

Depends on your intention:

echo "(foo) bar"  # Literal parentheses
echo "$(foo) bar" # Command expansion
echo "foo bar"    # Tried to use parentheses for grouping or function invocation


ShellCheck expected an ordinary shell word but found an opening parenthesis instead.

Determine what you intended the parenthesis to do and rewrite accordingly. Common issues include:


Bash allows some parentheses as part of assignment-like tokens to certain commands, including export and eval. This is a workaround in Bash to allow commands that normally would not be valid:

eval foo=(bar)       # Valid command
echo foo=(bar)       # Invalid syntax
f=foo; eval $f=(bar) # Also invalid

In these cases, please quote the command, such as eval "foo=(bar)". This does not change the behavior, but stops relying on Bash-specific parsing quirks.

ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell scripts. This page is part of its documentation.