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This file has a UTF-8 BOM. Remove it with: LC_CTYPE=C sed '1s/^...//' < yourscript.

Problematic code:

This is an encoding error that can't be seen in the script itself, but cat -v will show three bytes of garbage at the start of the file:

$ cat -v file
echo "hello world"

Correct code:

The code is correct when this garbage does not appear.


Some editors may save a file with a Byte Order Mark to mark the file as UTF-8. Shells do not understand this and will give errors on the first line:

$ bash myscript
myscript: line 1: #!/bin/sh: No such file or directory

$ dash myscript
myscript: 1: myscript: #!/bin/sh: not found

To fix it, remove the byte order mark. One way of doing this is LC_CTYPE=C sed '1s/^...//' < yourscript. Verify that it's not there with cat -v.



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