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Possible Misspelling: MYVARIABLE may not be assigned. Did you mean MY_VARIABLE?

Problematic code:

MY_VARIABLE="hello world"

Correct code:

MY_VARIABLE="hello world"


ShellCheck has noticed that you reference a variable that is not assigned in the script, but which has a name similar to another known variable. You should verify that the variable name is spelled correctly.

Note: This error only triggers for environment variables (all uppercase variables), and only when they have names similar to another known variable in the script. If the variable is script-local, it should by convention have a lowercase name, and will in that case be caught by [SC2154] whether or not it resembles another name.


If you've double checked and ensured that you did not intend to reference the specified variable, you can disable this message with a directive. The message will also not appear for guarded references like ${ENVVAR:-default} or ${ENVVAR:?Unset error message here}.

ShellCheck is a static analysis tool for shell scripts. This page is part of its documentation.