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This is a glob used as a command name. Was it supposed to be in ${..}, array, or is it missing quoting?

Problematic code:

for f in $(*.png); do echo "$f"; done   # Trying to loop over a glob
array=$(*.txt)                          # Trying to assign an array
echo "$(array[1])"                      # Trying to expand an array

Correct code:

for f in *.png; do echo "$f"; done
echo "${array[1]}"


You are using a glob as a command name. This is usually a mistake caused by one of the following:

Look up and double check the syntax of what you're trying to do.


None. If you want to specify a command name via glob, e.g. to not hard code version in ./myprogram-*/foo, expand to array or parameters first to allow handling the cases of 0 or 2+ matches.

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